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Our Prep Teachers are:


Prep A:  Eliza Griffths
             Therese Wincen (Teacher Aide)


Prep B:  Tianah Sorensen
             Linda Krause (Teacher Aide)


Prep C:  Natasha Kumar
             Jacqui Hiron (Temporary Teacher Aide)


Prep/1:  Kristi-Lee Mewha/Lindsay Daly
             Joanne Coldrey (Teacher Aide)

Term 1
English: In Term One, students will focus on learning the names and sounds of the alphabet and how some of these sounds blend together to make words. They will begin to look at high frequency words and beginning reading strategies using books. Students will present a retell of an event to their fellow class members. Students will begin handwriting of the letters they have learnt.
Mathematics: Students will begin with their numbers to 10 including the name of the number; what is looks like as a numeral; what the number looks like as a quantity and the word for the number. They will learn to order small collections of objects to 10 and explain their choice of grouping. Students will compare objects according to their length and learn the days of the week.
Science: Students will learn about the biological sciences this term with a focus on how living things have needs to survive.
History: Students will focus on their personal histories this term focussing on where they came from, who is in their family and how they are related to other people.
Technology: Students will study the design side of technology this term learning about how plants and animals are grown for food, clothing and shelter. This paddock to plate unit has students designing a healthy food choice from what they have learnt.
The Arts: In Term One, students will be working in the Music strand of The Arts. They will be introduced to some of the instruments in the music room and some simple beats. Students will sing familiar songs together and work on their tone and pitch.
Health and Physical Education: Students will learn the social and personal qualities of playing in teams sports/games whilst learning the fundamental movement skills of some simple games. They will also be working on their running to prepare for the school cross country at the end of the term. They will also be completing a Health unit where they will learn about their growing bodies and safety.