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Year 1



Our Year 1 Teachers are:

1A:  Kate Williams

1B:  Courtney Hodge

1C:  Malea Thor

1/2: Lauren Hanlon

Term 1
English: In Term One, students will be writing a retell of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and completing a speaking task of a character description. They will continue to build vocabulary in their sentences and delve into some of the other sounds letters can make. Students will continue to develop reading skills and comprehension as they become more independent.
Mathematics: Students will consolidate their understanding of numbers to 20 and continue with number up to 100. They will represent numbers on a number line and use place value. Students will carry out simple addition problems and start looking at one half and Australian money. They will continue simple patterns with objects and order lengths. Students will begin to look at the clock and work with 2D shapes.
Science: Students will learn about the biological sciences this term with a focus on how materials can be changed in a variety of ways. They will look at how these materials can be bent, stretched or twisted and cooled or heated.
History: Students will focus on how their families and others celebrate the past using examples like birthdays to develop their understanding of the historical words we use for past, present and future. They will sequence events according to when in the past they occurred.
Technology: Students will study the design side of technology learning about how materials can be used to make a puppet. They will have to plan and design their creations before they make them and then reflect on how they have went.
The Arts: In Term One, students will be working in the Music strand of The Arts. They will continue to work with beats and rhythm, creating their own music using these elements. Students will perform a known song to their peers.
Health and Physical Education: Students will continue to develop their social and personal skills in games and team sports. They will also be working on their fundamental movement skills of throwing and catching. Students will also be studying a Health unit where they will observe how their bodies have changed as they grow older.