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Year 2

Our Year 2 Teachers are:


1/2:  Lauren Hanlon

2A:  Rachel Krogh

2B: Stephanie Feaver

2C:  Clare Forsyth

2/3:  Kate Tannian


Term 1
English: In Term One, students will write an information report. They will be learning the structure and the language to use when writing a report. They will continue to work on their vocabulary in their writing and will be choosing more complex sound choices for their words. They will become more independent with reading and start to build their reading comprehension skills.
Mathematics: Students learn numbers up to 1000 thousand this year and in Term One, they will begin by revising numbers to 100 and then move on. They will start to learn effective counting strategies including skip counting and perform simple addition using written and mental strategies. Students will begin look at money and change given when buying items while also working towards telling time to 15 minutes to and past. They will work with calendars and the seasons to match events that occur in their lives. Students will also learn about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.
Science: Students will learn about the biological sciences this term with an emphasis on how living things grow, change and have offspring.
History: Students will learn about how objects change over time and compare old and new technologies.
Technology: Students will be working in the digital side of technologies. They will be learning how to use coding when working with robots, controlling them to move where they want them to. They will work with the school’s robots to do this.
The Arts: Students will be working in the Music strand of The Arts this term. They will be performing body percussion to make a song and then writing a reflection.
Health and Physical Education: In PE students will be learning fundamental skills of gymnastics. In health students will be learning about how they can make their classrooms a healthy and safe environment.