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Year 5

Our Year 5 Teachers are:

5A:  Aleena Dean

5B:  Amy Mitrovich

5C:  Linda Blakoe

5/6:  Tracey Batchelor

Term 1
English: Students will be writing a persuasive text this term. They will learn the structure and vocabulary to use when writing persuasively and work on how language can be an important part of changing someone’s opinion. Students will extend their vocabulary and spelling  to include technical/subject specific words needed for the subject they are writing for (eg/ History, science etc.) Their reading comprehension skills will increase to link the text to other text types to see the similarities and differences. Students will start to analyse text for word choices made by the author.
Mathematics: Students will begin to use estimation to check the reasonableness of their answers and solve problems using all four operations. They will look at how unit fractions and decimals follow an order and can be mapped on a number line. Students will connect 3D shapes to their 2D counterparts and measure and construct a variety of angles.
Science: Students will be working in the biological sciences this term with a focus on how the structural features and adaptations of animals help them survive in different environments.
History: Students will focus on the history of the Australian colonies after the 1800s and how this colonial life worked including politics, trade and how they have changed.
The Arts: Students will be working in the Music strand of The Arts this term. They will be singing and playing music in different styles and reflecting on their own and others’ performances.
Health and Physical Education: In PE students will be learning the fundamental movement skills of swimming. They will be working on these towards the swimming carnival at the end of the Term. They will also be working on their running for the cross country at the end of the term. In Health, student will learn about emotional interactions and how they can stay emotionally healthy.