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Year 6


Our Year 6 Teachers are:

5/6:  Tracey Batchelor

6A:  Matthew Dewar

6B:  Sarah Brace

6C:  Alex Onofrei

Term 1
English: Students will be learning the structure and language of a short story this term. They will continue to develop their vocabulary to match all areas of their learning and make spelling choices based on an understanding of Greek and Latin roots. They will continue to develop complex sentences and paragraph skills. The text they read and comprehend will become more varied and they will compare structure and language features used in different types of text written on the same topic.
Mathematics: Students will use the four operations to solve multiple step problems. They work with fractions on a number line and begin to add and subtract them. They start to work with decimals with the four operations and prove their answers are correct using estimation strategies. Students connect decimals to the metric system and use angles to solve problems. They describe probabilities using fractions, decimals and percentages and compare their observations of chance experiments with their predications.
Science: In Term One, students will be working in the chemical sciences with a focus on whether change on materials can be reversed or irreversible.
History: Students will study at the Federation of Australia this term and learn the time sequence that led up to that time. They will compare pre and post Federation Australia to highlight some similarities and differences between these two eras.
The Arts: Students will sing, play and read music this term using pitch, rhythm and expression. They will also write a reflection on their own and others’ performances.
Health and Physical Education: In PE students will be learning the fundamental movement skills of swimming. They will be working on these towards the swimming carnival at the end of the Term. They will also be working on their running for the cross country at the end of the term. In Health, student will learn about the health messages the media presents and learn skills to decipher the truth vs the hype of these texts.